inspired lemon macarons


Happy Birthday to my little sister. She and I are the same age for the next 7 weeks. This is my second time making macarons. However, this time I decided to make it in a class at the Institute of Culinary Education. I was amazed by how many different types of methods you can go about achieving these little tasty delights. My college roommate Talida (from talidabakes) joined me in my macaron adventure. Amongst the variety of recipes we were given by ICE, Talida and I just so happened to pick the easiest one (or we are just amazing bakers). Another thing I learned was that the flavor from these macarons is in the filling. We were discouraged by the Chef to not make the lemon curd, so we went with a white chocolate ganache. However, another team did make it and was more than happy to share. And these were our perfect masterpieces-- centers slightly chewy and not dry.

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  1. Great job Mel! I just blogged about it too, and I'm calling us Melida ;)


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