worms n'dirt cupcakes


Who doesn't love some worms n' dirt? It's funny, I don't usually make chocolate cupcakes (I'm a vanilla kind-of girl). But in order to get the right affect here, the cake had to be chocolate. I decided to make a devil's food. Until now, I never understood what the difference was between devil's food and chocolate cake. I always thought they were the same thing and some people wanted to make a sin out of eating dessert. Developed in the south, devil's food (some know it as red velvet cake) was originally red in color using beets and cocoa. However, over the years it lost its coloring and just looks like an ordinary chocolate cake. The difference between it and chocolate cake is the use of cocoa instead of real chocolate.

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  1. i've never actually had a cup o' dirt, and thought it was the most interesting thing when i saw a kid eating it at a restaurant. how'd they taste?


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