pistachio macarons


Less than two months left to donate to a good cause and until I have to run 26.2 miles! My coworker, Katie, took advantage of my baking offer when you donate towards my run. She wanted to give her friend something different for her birthday this year. She asked me to make some pistachio macarons for her.
I love baking yummy goodies but what I love even more is the presentation. That's what I'd like to call the complete package. Here, the macarons are wrapped in a cellophane bag tied with a velvet ribbon attached with a stamped tag. The stamp was a birthday gift from my friend, Thu. Thanks Thu!!


  1. doOd the stamp is awesome O.o
    ...and i am fixated with that plate u have for the lemon cupcakessss. can i come over one day and just stare @ all ur dishes one day? :)

    [and u know how i feel about ur baking so just thought i'd obsess w/ ur peripherals this time :P]


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