glass ornaments


Back in Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon had some affiliated classes with Pittsburgh Glass Center. Of course, the seniors had priority to register for them and openings were limited. I never got the opportunity to choose one as an elective. Instead I took calligraphy, which I haven't used since. Finally, after oh-so-many years, I found a workshop at a glass center called One Sixty Glass in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was a simple 45 minute introduction to glass blowing. Our instructor Isaac was very friendly and personable, as well as informative and helpful. Within the hour and half between Gary and myself, we came out of that class with almost a dozen glass balls. These make great Christmas presents for family and friends. Gary's parents put up a tree every year, so a few of these will definitely be seen on it this year.


  1. 45 minutes? I can't find anything on their site that is only 45 minutes long! Also, it seems really expensive! $600 or $300 lessons????

  2. looks like a lot of fun! great idea, Mel :)

  3. L,

    Scroll down to the middle of the page, there is a glass ornament workshop. The next one is on december 13th (11am-6pm - 45 min per person.

  4. amazing! whoever made those are quite handy with molten glass.


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