stop and smell the roses


This past weekend was all about flowers. Since the NY Botanical Gardens have an exclusive list of florists, it wasn't hard to know where to start. After visiting the florists, which are mostly in Westchester, we understood what flowers were in season for the summer as well as which flowers worked for each element.
We were pretty surprised by how much flower arrangements can cost. So, I decided to explore making some on my own. Gary and I ventured out to the flower district on 28th Street and picked some a few variety of flowers we've been talking about with the florists. I had to resist getting the beautiful, romantic peonies and ranunculuses, which are spring flowers. Those won't be available come August. So sad. Along with the flowers, I invested in some green floral tape and green wire.
So above is a bouquet made with 18 roses and 6 mini Calla lilies, about $25. If I were to make my actual bridal bouquet, I would use some more flowers and add some greenery around the bottom for a skirt to make it a bit fuller.
After the bouquet, I put together some simple boutonnieres for practice. The groom would have a mini Calla lily. Here I used the leaves from the roses and a mini Calla lily, about $2. The single roses are about $1 or so all together since I used the leaves from the roses. Again if I were to make the actual boutonnieres, I would invest in some small accent flowers and some different greenery.


  1. heh i love calla lilies.. particularly colored ones that come around once a year. Whatever it be I'm sure it's gonna be beautiful!

  2. let's make a deal... you learn to make bouquets and stuff, and i benefit from your lessons come next year! :)

  3. while cool, I clicked on the link to view some delicious baked goods. I was robbed.


  4. Gong, i may consider your offer.


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