ring ring ring.... pillow


Patty and Tim's ring pillow
My good friend, Patty is getting married in just a few short weeks in San Francisco. I really wanted to do something special for her and Tim's wedding. A ring pillow was one of the first things I had in mind but didn't really know where to start. Luckily for me, one of Patty's bridesmaids saved the material left over from hemming her dress, which ended being the roses on the pillows. With the scrap material, I was able to find a satin material to match the same color of the dresses.
Mel and Gary's ring pillow
For our wedding, I wasn't so lucky to have extra scrap material from the bridesmaids dresses. I tried best I can to match the iridescent green but opted for a lighter green and iridescent as well. It ended up working out and compliments the dresses well. I absolutely love it!


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