chocolate macaroons


Every cloud has a silver lining, right? My macaroons were a bit of a failure and success at the same time. As a french macaroon, it was a failure but as a meringue cookie, it was delicious. It's been very humid lately but I really wanted to make macaroons for my friend, Angela. I wanted to thank her for letting me borrow her bike to train for a sprint triathlon. Due to the humidity, the egg whites had a hard time whipping up to a peak. So I left it alone for too long, and they were over whipped. This is something that cannot be undone, so I baked them anyways. And voila! Chocolate meringue cookies!


  1. oh man i'm jealous of angela! i'm missing all of this not being there...

  2. don't be jealous!! you'll have a til-death-do-us-part right to get fat off all these things soon!

    thanks mel - they were freakin awesome, no matter what you want to call them.


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