little scarf


This little scarf was started more than 5 years ago... maybe. I really can't seem to remember but I do remember where I got the yarn.  I found this in Hong Kong when I went for Christmas about 8 years ago. This yarn shop was like a haven for knitters, walls covered with ceiling to floor shelves of yarn.

Knitting was a hobby I developed back in high school and in the recent years have forgotten about. I'm one of those people who loves starting new projects but about half the time I never complete it.  It's never due to the lost of interest.  The reality of it all is that I start too many projects and I simply don't have enough time to complete them.  But with my last trip to Taiwan, I was determined to get this one done during my long transpacific plane ride and... I did! 1 down and uh... many more to go!


  1. Congrats on finishing a project -- a lovely one at that. I've given up on so many of mine. Like you, I tend to get over-involved and then wonder why I feel so pressured.

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