homemade soymilk


I've grown up drinking fresh soymilk, that was the advantage of living in Chinatown. However, anywhere else, it is not that easy to get a hold of some. Nowadays, I just get a carton of Silk from the grocery store. I've always loved the flavor and with the health benefits, I'll drink an extra glass any day.

My mom has always told me how easy it is to make homemade soymilk, so it's been on my list of things to make for a while. After my three month trip to Taiwan, where I drank fresh soymilk everyday for breakfast, I was motivated to make some at home.

  • 3 cups dried soybeans
  • 1 gallon water
  • sugar, to taste
  1. soak the soybeans overnight or at least 8 hours
  2. put half the beans and water in blender
  3. pour bended mixture through a nut milk bag or cheesecloth and drain liquid into a pot. repeat with the other half of beans and water
  4. put the pot of soymilk on high heat. stir the soymilk often. bring the soymilk to a boil and lower to a medium heat. cook for about 30 minutes, be sure to stir often. 
  5. add sugar to preferred sweetness. enjoy!

1 comment :

  1. mmmm, looks so refreshing :) i like my soy milk pretty much unsweetened.. adam thinks it's gross.. hehehe


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