red velvet cupcakes


Our oven died! Yes! Appliances have expiration dates. Not sure what happened but the oven just shut off and would just not turn back on. Thank goodness I wasn't making anything at the time. It was just preheating. No efforts wasted!

So, after a long, ovenless week, a brand spanking new one arrived. To "de-flour" our new dual ovens, I decided to make a very familiar recipe, my red velvet cupcakes. It also happens to be my husband's favorite. Lucky him! Instead of the cream cheese frosting, I melted some white chocolate chips with a splash of milk to create a white glaze to spread on top of these cute little cupcakes.

There is no doubt that the oven works!

Be on the look out for my next creation... chicken cordyceps consomme, which reminds me of today's Foodbuzz daily special

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