birthday chocolates & flowers


Regardless of celebrating the big 30 at the office, it was a fantastic day! Having received gifts from friends from afar, I had a lovely lunch with the girls at work and then a quaint dinner with my wonderful husband. I couldn't have asked for more. Thanks Bons for the cute, carnation cupcake! My desk smells like a flowering garden.

Thanks Nat for the chocolate covered Cheerios! After hearing about my little Valentine's Day story about chocolate covered Cheerios from Jacques Torres,  Nat was inspired to make her own. These were absolutely amazing and tasted just like the real thing.

Thank you my dear cousin, Vicky for the Marie Belle truffles. I am loving all the exotic flavors like saffron and cardamon. Mmmm.


  1. Happy happy birthday Mel!! Glad you were showered with lots of flowers and sweets, the way birthdays should be celebrated! :)


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