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My husband and I have been helping out with my brother-in-law's wedding lately. This is our latest project: custom water bottle labels. Since the majority of their guests are coming from out of town, the bride's mother wanted to welcome everyone with a little gift bag for all the guests staying at the designated wedding hotel. Most of the contents in this bag is a mystery to me but I do know there will be bottles of water.  The bride had asked me to design and make some custom labels for the water bottles. I was really happy with how these came out. They were not only easy to make but going to add a special touch to the welcome bags.

To do these yourself. You will need an image editing software (I used adobe photoshop), a color printer, 8.5x11 paper, water bottles, scissors, and glue stick. First measure out the size of the existing label of your water bottles, then use these dimensions to put together a layout on photoshop.Once you have the labels designed, printed, and cropped. Remove existing labels and adhere new ones with a little dab of glue.  

Check back in for the welcome bag booklets!

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