{tried & true} one year old wedding cake


Last month, my husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary! It has been absolutely an amazing year. I could not have asked for a more perfect man for me. There is a long list of traditions for first year wedding anniversaries, such as exchanging "paper" gifts. Along with some of these traditions, is freezing the top tier of the wedding cake and eating it on the day of the anniversary.

Our wonderful caterer, Abigail Kirsch, did not just save the top tier of our wedding cake but made a special mini cake just for us to take home. It was the same flavors as our wedding cake, we had alternating tiers of vanilla and chocolate cake. The cake held up fairly well in the freezer since it was wrapped up nicely with plastic wrap.I'm happy to report that the cake still tasted good but the buttercream was not-so-good. It was more of a protective coating for the cake, see the heavy condensation. 

My husband and I were lucky enough to share this anniversary tradition with my parents and grandparents.

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