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For the first few months, Austin slept in his crib in our room with us. This is mainly because we live in a loft with the master bedroom on the second floor and the other bedroom on the first. And now in hindsight, I have to admit that was the best decision we made in planning for the baby. With all the night feedings and wakings, etc, I'm not sure if I would have survived walking up and down those stairs. When he turned 3 months and started to sleep longer through the night, we decided it was time for our little baby to have his own nursery.  I didn't want to do a "themed" room or an all blue room. There was no method to this cuteness, I just pick up things as I saw them. In the end, I think it all came together fairly well. What do you think? 

{sources: changing system: land of nod; crib: oeuf, rug: land of nod, crib bedding: land of nod; stripe bins: the container store; prints: my roots}
The three of us spend a lot of time in Austin's nursery. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, we'll spread out a bunch of toys on the ground and Austin will do his army crawl from one toy to another. Now that he's learned to sit up, he'll get on his tummy and then sit up and back on tummy and then sit up again all while reaching for his toys. He'll do this over and over again making circles all around the rug. It's so cute. I don't think we'll ever get tired of watching him do that.
I love everything about this room. My favorite things are the Alabama and New York "My Roots" prints. Alabama is where Gary grew up and New York is where I was born and lived in my early childhood.

{For more sources, check out my pinterest board for Austin's nursery.}


  1. I love the paint color, do you still have the name?

  2. I love the paint color, do you still know the name?

  3. Hi Kait,

    its Lemon Ice from Glidden.

    For more things seen in his nursery check out my pinterest board.


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