coconut cake


Last week, my neighbor asked me to help her with a reveal cake she was making for her friend's baby shower. For those of you that don't know what a reveal cake is, it is a cake to "reveal" the gender of the baby to friends and family. Of course I said "Yes!"  I have never made a reveal cake and I rarely bake a layer cake because cupcakes are easier and I can eat as many as I want without anyone keeping score. So, we made one of my favorite vanilla cake recipes and simply just added a generous amount of blue food coloring to the batter. The mother-to-be had requested a coconut flavor, the frosting is a coconut frosting and the whole cake was coated with untoasted and toasted coconut.

beef liver pâté

The first time I made beef liver pâté, it was such a success I decided to make it again but with a few tweaks in the recipe. I think I like this recipe even more.

foodbuzz 24 x 24: tongue in cheek


As some of my previous blog posts have mentioned, I participated in a meat share through Randle Farms. The most recent piece of meat I got from them was a beef tongue, which I've neither eaten nor cooked before. I was excited! To my surprise a piece of beef tongue can weigh up to 7 lbs. The one I got was about 4-5 lbs, I think. So, I decided to divide it up and make it three ways. Since this is a new type of protein for me, I used the most familiar cuisine: Asian. After a few hours of cooking, I had two appetizers and one entry from this nice piece of muscle. To kick off the meal, I made Chinese Braised Beef Tongue. This is something my mom made time and time again when I was growing up (except she used brisket or some other cut of beef).

{tried + true} ines rosales tortas


Last week while shopping at Fresh Market on Perry Hill Road, I spied these Ines Rosales flatbreads in the bread aisle. First of all, they are made in Seville, Spain, which has a special place in my heart. Almost 10 years ago, I had backpacked through Europe with another girlfriend of mine and Seville was one of the many cities we stopped in. Although we were there for only a few days, it is quite a memorable city. Secondly, these tortas were handmade & individually hand-wrapped. I could not resist. With these light, crisp crackers, I ate them up with some Dubliner Irish Cheese to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

baby shower diaper cake


How cute is this? This is my first diaper cake!  I've always seen them at baby showers but never really knew that you can actually make them yourself. My husband and I are hosting a baby shower for my sister and brother-in-law in Atlanta today. They are doing a safari/jungle theme in their nursery, so they wanted a similar theme for their shower and that is where I got the inspiration for this lovely diaper cake.

sweet potato pie


A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I took a little trip to Austin, Texas. We had the most amazing "pecan pie" from Salt Lick BBQ. Except it wasn't quite a pecan pie. We thought of it more as a sweet potato pie with candied pecans on it. It was irresistibly delicious! This slice of heaven inspired me to whip up my own when I got home. I did some research and came across a sweet potato pie recipe from Alton Brown. This recipe was pretty similar to the one we had in Austin with the pecans on top.

almond cake


I've had this recipe bookmarked forever.  There is just something about almonds that I just can't resist, now put it in a cake, now I'm in heaven. And a slice of this is pure heaven! It's everything you expect from a recipe from Chez Panisse. It's moist and dense yet fragrant and delicious.
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