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My husband and I travel all the time. Even after having our baby, we've flown almost half a dozen times, exactly three with our baby boy. In two weeks, we will be making the longest journey yet. We'll be traveling to Taiwan to visiting Gary's relatives during the Chinese New Year.  One of the things that Gary always noted when we pack/unpack is how nice that I have those nifty shoe bags to put my shoes in. That's the thing about fancy girl shoes, they come with perks like that. Of course mine are too small for his shoes. Sorry hubby, can't share this time. So, I searched hi and low for something that can fit his size 13 shoes, and came up with nothing. That's when I realized that I can simply make them myself. I wanted to repurpose some of Gary's old, unwanted dress shirts and this was just the perfect project. I seriously haven't touched a sewing machine for a long, long time. Please don't judge my amateur techniques.

  1. First, I cut the sleeves off to use for another project, which I hope I can post sooner than later. 
  2. Then I cut out a 18.5" by 40" piece of fabric from the shirt. One of the edges is already finished. 
  3. I then folded it partially up, about 14" to 15". You may want to vary this depending on the size shoes you plan to store in these. I first sewed the open end and then the sides. 
  4. I then inverted the bag, sewed a stitch down the middle of the pocket to form two pockets. Then I sewed the edges to create a finished look. 
Note: This shoe bag is designed to hold size 13 men's shoes. 

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