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The way schools (and daycares) are structured lately is astonishing. Although Austin is only 10 months old, we've had two parent-teacher conferences now. At these meetings, we discuss his development and the curriculum for the next 6 months. His daycare actually changes out the books and toys in the room to reflect this curriculum. The current one in place teaches the kids about animals and their babies. So, I wanted to reinforce what he's learning at school while we're at home. The first thing I thought of were fun flashcards for him to chew, throw, and of course, learn from. After searching high and low, I wasn't able to find anything I had in mind. First off, nothing I came across was aesthetically pleasing. There are a tons of amazing photographers out there, why hasn't anyone put their photos into learning tools for babies? Secondly, the cards I did find were not durable enough for a 10 months old. Our little boy, like most babies, will chomp, chew, rip, throw anything he gets his hands on. I also found some illustrated cards by wee gallery but I found them a bit abstract (and expensive). We actually own a set and Austin loves playing with them and I have to say the cards are quite resilient.

After a while, I gave up and decided to make some myself. Most of the images I used are free wallpaper downloads. Using photoshop, I added some text, resized each image to 3.75" x 4"and added a border to make the whole image 4" x 6" (this is just for easy printing).

If you like the images I used, here are a few for download: cow, pig, and camel.

Here are some materials you'll need:

  • 4" x 5.25" cardboard pieces
  • 3.75" x 5" photographs
  • scissors
  • glue
  • rounded corner punch
  • contact paper

  1. If you had your photos printed to 4" x 6", cut them down to size. 
  2. Round the corners of all the photos and cardboard pieces.
  3. Glue each photograph to the cardboard. 
  4. Wrap each cardboard piece with contact paper front and back.


  1. How did u use the contact paper so clean? Someone suggested to use a thin PVC cover. But that scares me to think of PVC going into baby's mouth.

  2. I clipped the contact paper at the corner (like you would draw rays from the sun). i'll email you a picture.

  3. I would love to print these 4x6 or 3x4 using shutter fly (or similar) and having them laminated, do you have the files?? I only have lightroom and can't add text. thanks (


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