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We live in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods and (in my opinion) the best community in Montgomery. We've been here for about two years now and have befriended some amazing people in the area. One of which is a family of four who live conveniently (and literally) steps from our front door. They have two little girls, Edie and Tallulah.

The older one, Edie, is quite fun and funny. She may seem a bit shy when you first meet her but it doesn't take long for her to warm up and treat you like her BFF. Lately, she's been offering me different pieces of furniture from her bedroom and asking me if I have the key to her home.  There are little things that she does that are very "Edie" to the point where you can use her name as a verb. And so I did with my latest project.

I recently acquired a Silhouette and have been a bit project crazy with it. I created a stencil and cut it out on regular contact paper, stuck it on a little American Apparel t-shirt, and lightly sprayed it with some gold fabric spray paint. I say lightly because I went trigger happy on my first sample and the paint bled and the letters melted into each other (very disappointing).

I am very happy with the way this shirt turned out and so is Edie, as she Edie's on wearing this shirt. Has anyone ever used your name as a verb? Tell me about what you do or did to bring that about.

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