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One of my new year's resolutions is to use my sewing machine more. But let me be honest with you, (at the time) all I knew how to make were pillows and all things that resembled a pillow. And don't even ask me about reading a pattern. Pattern what? Thinking with YouTube these days, I will be able to sew make something clever in no time. If you've tried, I'm sure you will probably agree that it is quite difficult to follow a video while doing something [new] on a sewing machine. Learning to make a bobbin is feasible. Learning to make a simple tote without a pattern, maybe. Learning to make an apron from a pattern, not-so-much. So, I raised the white flag on self-teaching myself how to sew and trekked over to Joann fabric.

They offer a slew of sewing, crafting, and cake decorating classes. I started with Sewing 101, which was a great review of what I already knew and introduction to terminology I didn't know. The first class went so well, I immediately signed up for Sewing 102, which basically teaches you how to read and use a pattern. I had so much fun making this lined, reusable tote. It even comes with a little pouch to store the tote in when you're not using it. After I came home, I wanted to try to see if I was able to do this on my own, you know, without an instructor helping me with every step. It's like the test after the lesson. It was the perfect gift for Austin's teacher. To add a little twist (since I don't like making the same thing twice), I lined the inside with a solid blue while using a pretty flower pattern on the outside.

I think I would give myself a B since I did have to spend some time with the seam ripper. Oops. All I have to say is I still need a lot of practice on the sewing machine but the classes were well worth it and my resolution is being accomplished.

Did you always want to learn to sew? Have you ever taken a sewing class at Joann? If so, how was your experience?

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