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We are invited to 10 weddings this year. So far, we are 5 for 10. All of these weddings are of friends or family that are very dear to either my, Gary's, or both our hearts. The plan is 10 for 10 if there are no emergencies or what not.

People often are amazed that we actually make it to most of the weddings we are invited to. Between the time and expense, it's just easier to "decline with regrets." But we usually don't, even though all the weddings require flying or a long drive. I have to admit, we did have to skip a few last year when we were pregnant with Austin. We were very sad to miss those, but at the same time we were awaiting our own bundle of joy. So, why do we actually go to most of these weddings we are invited to? There are many reasons why, but I'm just going to talk about a few major ones.

First and foremost, Gary and I LOVE weddings. We just love them. We loved every single one that we have attended. How could you not? You get to witness either one (or sometimes two) of your friends experience one of the most important milestones in their life. On top of that, there's champagne and CAKE!

Secondly, it takes us back to the root of what marriage is about and why we are married. Every wedding has its own style and message, but they all give us that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. We fall in love over and over again after each wedding. As an added bonus, I read once that to be happy in your life, you must fill it with happy events, such as weddings.

I'll just keep it short, so lastly, I see it as a movie (usually a romantic comedy) starring my friends. I've watched them go through ex-boy/girlfriends and then single life searching for the one. I've listened to all their stories and played wingman once or twice. I've even been there as the substitute girlfriend. And finally they are at the altar, the happy ending to the story.

{Handstamped cards from made by melis, Placecards and calligraphy from made by melis. Photos by made by melis & Clean Plate Pictures}

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