you color my world


I love how Austin's school organizes a variety of events for social development. This Friday, the toddlers are going to exchange Valentines to celebrate the holiday. Since the little guy is too young to actually make them himself, that task has fallen on me. I didn't want to just buy the premade cards from the store or give sugary candies. After a bit of research, I came across these cute crayon Valentines by Whipperberry, but I seriously didn't have time to put together 27 of them. So, I simplified it to just using the original crayons. I love the sweet message it gives without the hearts and xoxo's. 

color my world valentines

  • crayons
  • card stock
  • baker's twine
  • scissors
  • hole punch

  1. print cards and crop (here's the free printable)
  2. punch cards with hole punch
  3. tie twine onto cards to secure crayons 

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