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If you've been following my previous blog posts about our house (here, here, here, and here), you may be curious to what's happened in the past few months. I'm sorry to disappoint you all, but not much has happened. After the approval of our design in August, our neighbors (yes, plural) filed an appeal (in which they have the right to in this particular city) against the Design Review Board's decision. What happens then? The appeal is presented to the Planning Commission (basically the next level above DRB) for review. This process took two months and to our relief, the Commission denied the appeal and we are finally able to move forward with our project. For me, the meeting started off nerve-racking and ended in joy, relief, (and humor?) All the appellants walked out of the meeting before a decision was made and only after the first of the four members spoke.

Overall, the Planning Commission concluded that we have made a real effort to listen to the Design Review Board, as well as the community's concerns. Above are two renderings, one of an ultra-modern design that we presented at our first DRB meeting and the other is the mid-century modern inspired redesign after considering the major issues that were brought up. The redesign was a difficult process and there were a lot of items we had to compromise. I've learned that even though we had to give up a few things off our "wishlist," our family will still love and live in this house the same. I'm just looking forward to breaking ground.

These were the changes we made from the original design:
  • Roof line changed from flat to sloped
  • The first floor was setback was an extra 5 feet from the required
  • The second floor was setback an extra 20 feet from the required
  • A bedroom on the second floor was eliminated
  • Large fenestrations from the front elevation were eliminated
I am happy to say that we finally submitted our plans for plan check with the building department, which sadly will take 4 to 6 weeks. The twins will be here in T minus 3 weeks. The challenge now is how will I handle two newborns while a building a house.

Stay tuned and send me a prayer.


  1. The new design looks great! I'm looking forward to reading more. You are a real-life home show. :)


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