ornament snow globe


To get into the spirit of things, a few mommies and I got together for a Christmas playdate, where we had a small secret santa gift exchange and a craft for the kids. The craft was a quick and easy snow globe that the kiddies can give to their daddies. Not only did they all have a fun time creating these gifts, the toddlers were pretty damn proud of themselves afterward.

  • canning jar
  • small plastic ornaments
  • glitter
  • confetti
  • hot glue

  1. parent: glue ornaments to the top of the jar lid 
  2. kiddie: add a glitter into the glass jar, then add the confetti
  3. parent: fill the jar with water and seal with lid. be careful that there is no glitter or water around the rim, so that there is an air tight seal to the jar. 
  4. turn upside down and give to a friend.

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