the permitting process


Construction started a little less than 2 months ago. So far we've got a structural slab and some steel columns to show for it.

My last house post left off with acquiring permits. For this particular project, the drawings needed a stamp of approval from four departments in order to get building permits. Planning Department was taken care of with the Design Review. The Fire Department signed off right away with the assurance that an automated fire sprinkler system is provided.  In the state of California, that is required of all new construction, even a single-family residence.

Plan check with the Building Department and Public Works took a little longer, probably because of timing. I submitted the plans around the holidays, not the best time to do so. After a bit of chasing and added notes, we got our third sign off. The most frustration was with the Public Works Department. It was a negotiation of city improvement items PW requested us to pay for or do that we legally don't have to. After consulting with a lawyer, we realized that it would simply be faster (and less cost) to agree to these terms. Much to our dismay, we did but...  we FINALLY got permits!!!

Everything has been going smoothly and on schedule. However, the hard decisions are starting to fall on my desk, which have had a running theme of budget versus environmental responsibility. Why does all things eco-friendly have to cost more? Speaking of which, did you guys notice the radiant heating system being installed in the time-lapse video above?

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  1. congrats, melissa & gary !!! it's been really fun and interesting hearing about your design, permit, and building process. the video is awesome and will be such a great memoir for your family and your new home :) good luck on the next steps! can't wait to see you guys and the new place in march (if not sooner)!


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