framing complete


We've made a lot of progress since August, as you can see from the photo above. The framing is about 99% done, the roof is weather-proofed, and MEP rough-ins are in the works. Sadly, we didn't capture a time-lapse of the framing because the heat from the few hots days we've had had fried our camera. Boo! 

There has been a few hiccups since the completion of our foundation, but not a major setback. The first unanticipated event that happened occurred about halfway through the framing stage. The original crew just abandoned our job because they were offered more pay on another project. With all the construction happening these days, its been competitive to line up good subcontractors. Fortunately, our general contractor were able to get another crew on board within a couple of days. It took a couple more for the new team to get acquainted with the work and what has already been done. 

The weather was another unexpected cause for delay. There were a few rainy days before we got the roof on. Its crazy how dirty it gets after a storm. Thankfully we got the roof wrapped, because rain has been forecasted for the upcoming winter months, a lot of it. 

Now that we have the skeleton of the house, I'll be posting about the fun stuff soon: finishes. 

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