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With just a few days until Christmas, I was somehow overcome with guilt that I didn't do anything for Austin's preschool friends for the holidays. I did plan a small gift for his closer friends, but not his whole class. And I know it is not expected of me to do anything. However, memories of the little goodie bags from Halloween and last Christmas came back to haunt me. Will mommy guilt never end?

I couldn't get over it, so I went to Target and picked up Austin's favorite holiday treat... candy canes. This kid can eat mints til next Christmas. I'm serious. He can win anyone over an Altoids eating contest.

With the candy canes, I added a little tag made by printing a message on some adhesive paper. Austin had a grand ol' time putting each one in his friend's cubbies. I'm glad I did these because I got to share the experience of giving (even if it was a small gesture) with my little boy.

Here's a free download of the tags. Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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